Some completed projects

installed output since
Chicken hatchery, Cesky Brod
10x80 m heating floor, variable output based on age of chickens
75,0 kW 1992
Grandhotel Pupp Karlovy Vary
radiant floor heating in café and salons, heated sidewalk
25,0 kW 1994
Chateau Oravsky Podzamek, Slovak Republic
accumulator floors in apartments, common areas, and basement winery
68,0 kW 1993
Private homes, Plzen-Krimice
radiant floor heating in 56 residential units, direct heating operation
360,0 kW 1994
Large garages, Karlovy Vary
heated sloping 6-20 m entranceway
9,5 kW 1995
Sanatorium Vraz u Pisku
heating of rehabilitation facilities including the pool area
12,0 kW 1995
Usti nad Labem Zoo
radiant floor and ceiling heating in tropical animal enclosures and nurseries
11,1 kW 1996
Plzen Bory jail
radiant heating floors in cells, radiant panels and convection heaters in hallways
1500,0 kW 1996
Pocerady power plant
protection of 12 km of piping against freezing
280,0 kW 1995
Prunerov power plant
protection of 4.7 km of piping and pumps against freezing
96,0 kW 1996
Novaky power plant, Slovak Republic
protection of 18.8 km of piping, five vessels with maximum diameter of 20 meters
220,0 kW 1997
Spolana Neratovice
LAO refinery, non-explosive environment, self-limiting cables, regulation to correspond to outside temperature
1,2 kW 1997
Kovosvit Sezimovo Usti
protection of production hall gutters and downspouts against freezing, 560 meters of gutters and downspouts
65,0 kW 1997
Residential Construction Cooperative Prague 7
protection of gutters and downspouts against freezing, three sections, 230 meters of gutters and downspouts
13,0 kW 1997
V+W Chrudim
maintaining press forms at operating temperature
2,0 kW 1995
Porici u Trutnova power plant
protection of 3 km of pipelines at the ash repository against frost
60 kW 2001
Temelin nuclear power plant
maintaining RMS pipeline operating temperature
100 kW 2002
Zelenec u Prahy residential complex
installation of radiant floor heating
160 kW 2003