Company history and specialization

Melkus & Siegert, LLC Prague was established in 1990.

The company initially focused on installing electrical heating cables for radiant floor heating in residential and administrative buildings. Then, most floor radiant heating systems were the accumulator type, with a charging cycle of a maximum of 8 hours a day. At that time, the only heating regulation was by timer. M&S gradually improved this inefficient regulation system by developing electronic thermostat systems of our own design. This gave rise to a whole series of electronic thermostats, generically known as Kabloreg, as well as a new philosophy of connecting and controlling radiant heating elements. An overview of some more interesting applications is below.

Our experience with utilization of heating cables was amply tested in various, often unexpected, customer requirements. Our company’s purview thus gradually grew to encompass protection of pipes, vessels, gutters, and downspouts against freezing; maintaining steady temperatures in technological processes; and heating of sidewalks, garage driveways, breeding facilities, and incubators; and other applications.

Our company’s advisory and projection team often shows clients heating cable applications that clients had never even considered. The team also helps investors select the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions, prepares offers, and develops implementation projects.

Heating system regulation is the key aspect of every solution. Due to our own experience in regulator system research and development, we can help clients select the most appropriate thermostat and switch type for each application.

Company know-how finds application in the most complex heating systems in power plants and chemical processes. Our employees’ experience and time-tested work processes guarantee superior longevity and reliability of our installations. This is especially important in areas where failure might result in extensive damage.

Our commercial activities focus on completing orders for heating cables, sales of regulation devices for heating cables and saunas, sales of heating cables and accessories, sauna stoves, and complete saunas.

Our export activities center on the delivery of complex protection solutions against freezing, sales of thermal regulation devices, saunas, and sauna thermostats.

Our service activities include warranty and non-warranty repairs, troubleshooting and repairing of heating cable problems, and generally assuring customers that Melkus & Siegert products will continue to function reliably for many years.

In 1995, the company extended its activities to recreational accommodations by purchasing a house in the Krkonose Mountains and gradually refurbishing it to turn it into a lodge. This lodge, called Pension Melkus, is currently undergoing extensive reconstruction. This will allow us to offer customers comfortable accommodations. Contacts with domestic and foreign travel bureaus guarantees us year-round business.

Collaborating companies:

  • Fenix Jesenik: supplier of heating cables and heating mats.
  • SALUS Ostrava: supplier of sauna cabins and sauna cabinets.